Not all lounge suites are created equal.

There is a lot more to choosing quality furniture than most people realise. So we’re confident we are selling the best, we personally inspect all our products.

Here are just a few of the checks we make before we give a product the Homeward tick of approval. We inspect the:

  1. Stitching to ensure that it is straight 
  2. Fabrics to ensure they’re durable and fit for purpose
  3. Leathers to ensure they’re genuine and of a good grade 
  4. Frames to see how they’re constructed (we always look underneath furniture) 
  5. Materials to ensure only quality timber and materials fit for purpose are used (beware of some lounge suites that are constructed from cardboard or particle board, as this swells if liquid is spilt on it, and collapses when too much weight is applied e.g. on the arm rests when pushing up)
  6. Cushions to ensure they sit nicely on the couch, with no gaps in between 
  7. Foam and padding, to ensure it’s good quality and will retain its shape over time
  8. Recliner mechanisms, to ensure they have a good warranty and are of good quality 

Buy with confidence, and choose furniture from a retailer that’s done the hard work for you.