Buy with confidence - quality products, genuine warranties and a team that cares.

At Homeward we aspire to be the destination store for quality homewares and furniture. 

When you shop with us, you can buy with confidence knowing that our:

  • Products meet the highest standards of workmanship
  • Warranties are genuine 
  • After sales service is exceptional
  • Team genuinely cares about you

Learn more about Homeward and browse from a selection of contemporary and classic styles, all from trusted and reputable brands. 

Our commitment to NZ suppliers & manufacturers

As a local retailer, we do our part to support NZ businesses

When you choose Homeward, you not only support a local retailer, but NZ suppliers and manufacturers too.

  • 50% of everything we sell is made right here, in Aotearoa.  
  • 75% of our range is sourced from NZ suppliers. 

From NZ made solid rimu and pine furniture, Sealy beds and gorgeous homewares, we’re committed to supporting NZ manufacturers and suppliers. Not only does buying local help keep thousands of New Zealanders in meaningful employment, it also means we can offer our customers the finest quality furniture and homewares. 

Our commitment to ethical sourcing 

We always try to support NZ businesses, while at the same time meeting the needs of our customers. What we can’t source in NZ, we look for overseas. But we do so with careful consideration to ensure the products we source are manufactured in a responsible and sustainable way.  

Our directors take an interest in each supplier's manufacturing, sourcing and employment practices. They do this by:

  • Visiting the factories (prior to Covid-19)
  • Inspecting the manufacturing facilities, their processes and quality assurance systems 
  • Ensuring staff can work safely and are treated well, with fair pay, breaks and meals provided 
  • Ensuring that all timbers are recycled or sustainably sourced 

Our commitment to supply only the best brands

We’re meticulous about quality.

Only trusted, reputable suppliers make it into our collection. We audition every supplier, questioning their: 

  • Manufacturing practices, 
  • After sales service and how they remedy issues 
  • Percentage of warranty claims
  • Commitment to research and development, environmental and sustainable practices.

At the same time we look for ‘social proof’, to see how well they’ve responded to the needs of existing customers when a product hasn’t met their expectations. We only work with suppliers that offer genuine warranties and provide outstanding service. 

Our commitment to our customers

To us, the customer is more important than the sale

At Homeward we have a saying ...‘the customer is more important than the sale’.  This means that if you are unhappy with your purchase, we’ll do everything we can to put it right. After all, we want you to shop with us again.

We only sell products we use ourselves

It’s important to everyone at Homeward that they have confidence in the products they’re selling. The best way to gain confidence, is to purchase the products we sell for our own homes! That way we get to experience first-hand how they perform. Furniture, homewares and beds are assessed for durability, comfort, function and style. It’s another way we can be confident we’re offering our customers the very best.

Bespoke Sourcing

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in store or online, we’ll get it in for you. With a large network of reputable suppliers to draw on, we know where to look. Simply tell us what you’re after and leave the sourcing to us.

Our commitment to quality

Homeward is your choice for beautiful furniture and furnishings that stand the test of time.

You don’t have to compromise on quality to choose furniture that’s stylish.

We never compromise on quality.

We check every item, so you can buy with confidence. With over 20 years of experience, we know what to look for to ensure furniture is functional and durable.