Sealy Posturepaedic Elevate Heritage Firm

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Size: Single
Type: Mattress Only
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Proudly made in New Zealand, this bed combines precise engineering with stunning aesthetics to enable deep restful sleep, night after night  It's the combination of luxurious comfort layers and Sealy's exclusive Posturepaedic Technology that provides your body with the comfort, support and alignment you need to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Key features include:

Smartex regulates temperature to provide you with a more comfortable sleeping environment.

The premium Sealy Wool Blend is soft and luxurious with excellent thermal properties, designed to also assist with mattress breathability.

A cushioning quilt layer cushions and conforms to the body for a firm feel.

A layer of supportive foam creates a firm feel and provides long-lasting comfort. Premium foam contours to your body and provides a firm comfort feel.

Finally, a densified layer across the centre third of the mattress, is designed to conform to your lower back.

There is a  10 year guarantee on all Sealy beds

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